PT. Arthavest Tbk

PT. Arthavest Tbk is a business entity that is committed to be an investment company of a highest standard with worldwide international network that understands globalization.

Good Corporate Governance

Principles of Corporate Governance

The Company through its Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and all of its employees are committed to implement good corporate governance. In management views, a good corporate culture can only be develop if the Company maintains a thorough and consistent good corporate governance by continuously conducting innovation and improvement.

The main goal of good corporate governance is to optimize long-term Company values for all of its shareholders as well to other stakeholders. In order to maintain a well supervised good corporate governance implementation, the Company requires a Corporate Governance Guidance which can be utilized as an archetype to carry on a good corporate governance.

Principles of good corporate governance.

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision PT Arthavest Tbk

  • To become an international investment company with a global networking and knowledge of market globalization.

Our Mission PT Arthavest Tbk

  • To conduct investment in companies both domestic and abroad.

  • Establish strategic alliances with other companies, either directly or through subsidiaries.

  • Improving human resources on a sustainable basis to create competent, qualified, professional, loyal and highly dedicated employees.

Success is Inevitable Only In Hindsight

It's Easy To Look Back On An Entrepreneurial Path To Greatness and Assume That Every Vision Was Clear, Every Plan Was Perfect and Every Step Was Executed Flawlessly. It's Wasn't. Success is Never Assured. Only in Hindsight Does It Appear That Way.

Our Subsidiaries

Arthavest is always looking to enhance its portfolio of offerings to be able to offer more to our Invesment. Arthavest has been growing rapidly through the strategic acquisition of organizations that embrace our core values and are able to broaden and complement Arthavest service offerings.

Our Mission Is To Manage Risk And Deliver Return

As Efficienctly as As Possible