PT. Arthavest Tbk

PT. Arthavest Tbk is a business entity that is committed to be an investment company of a highest standard with worldwide international network that understands globalization.

Good Corporate Governance

The Company through its Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and all of its employees are committed to implement good corporate governance. In management views, a good corporate culture can only be develop if the Company maintains a thorough and consistent good corporate governance by continuously conducting innovation and improvement. The main goal of good corporate governance is to optimize long-term Company values for all of its shareholders as well to other stakeholders. In order to maintain a well supervised good corporate governance implementation, the Company requires a Corporate Governance Guidance which can be utilized as an archetype to carry on a good corporate governance.

Principles of good corporate governance :


The Company put the principles into practices by providing relevant and material informations with an accessible means of approach and easy to comprehend for the stakeholders. The Company must delivers transparent, punctual, clear and comparable information, all of which related to the financial situation, company management and ownership. Accountability The Company conducts the principles of good corporate governance by continuouly being responsible upon its performances in a decent and transparent manner. It is conducted in the most acceptable and measurable way, and in accordance to the interest of the Company, its visions and missions, as well corporate goals.


The Company applies the principle of good corporate governance by means of enforcing and complying with the applicable law, as well being held accountable to the greater public and environment in order to achieve and maintain a long term sustainable business operations.


The Company is professionaly managed without any conflict of interest, pressure or influence from any other party, which is deemed inappropriate against the applicable laws and positive corporate principles.


The Company implements the principles of good corporate governance by means of applying a balanced and fair regulation between stakeholders that encompassed fair and equal treatment to fulfill stakeholders’ rights based on agreement and the applicable law. The apparent clarity of the rights of shareholders, the legal system and enforcement of regulations is to protect the rights of shareholders itself, especially for minority shareholders. Based on the above concept, and in accordance with pertinent regulations in the Indonesian capital market, the Company has made various efforts and activities to meet the principles required in the implementation of corporate governance in accordance with the characteristics of the Company's business.

General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS)

General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) is the supreme authority of the Company, which authority cannot be given to the Board or the Commissioner and other parties within the limits specified in the law or the articles of association of the Company. In the GMS, there are important decisions related to the investment of shareholders that could have asignificant impact to the entire Company’s operation.

Book of Invesment

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