PT. Arthavest Tbk

PT. Arthavest Tbk is a business entity that is committed to be an investment company of a highest standard with worldwide international network that understands globalization.

Our Subsidiaries

Arthavest is always looking to enhance its portfolio of offerings to be able to offer more to our Invesment. Arthavest has been growing rapidly through the strategic acquisition of organizations that embrace our core values and are able to broaden and complement Arthavest service offerings.

PT Sanggraha Dhika

PT Sanggraha Dhika is a company that manages REDTOP Hotel, a 4-star business hotel, located in Jalan Pecenongan No. 72, Central Jakarta.

Until the present, the main activity of the Company is to run a business, manage, and maintain REDTOP Hotel. REDTOP Hotel has a 15 floor building which is characterized by its red colored dome on top of the building, with a floor area of 42 461 square meter built on an area of 8,205 square meter. The Hotel has 390-suite rooms, all equipped with the accommodation and facilities of a 4 star hotel.

A number of major facilities offered, such as: convention & banquet, meeting rooms & business center, as well as sports center and spa.

Commencement of commercial Operations : 1995

Percentage of ownership by PT. Arthavest Tbk is at 51 %

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PT Sentral Pembayaran Indonesia

PT.Sentral Pembayaran Indonesia (SPIN) is a joint venture between PT.Arthavest Tbk and PT.Solusi Net International, located in Sahid Sudirman Center 55 th Floor, Jl.Jend.Sudirman Kav.86, Central Jakarta.

As a services and trade company, SPIN Provides its services in the fields of information technology and payment system.

As of now the company is at a marketing operational phase.

Percentage of ownership by PT. Arthavest Tbk is at 52 %

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